Reduce Your Operational Costs with Demand-Based Restroom Cleaning

Introducing the new restroom monitoring solution by Losant and IMBuilding. This solution helps you cut down on the overall cleaning costs of spaces in your organization. You can now focus on high-traffic areas, eliminating costly inefficiencies of the typical janitorial process. This solution helps decrease labor hours, reduce cleaning products used, and improve the overall customer experience. The solution has bi-directional sensors that seamlessly send data to the platform for visualization, reporting, and on-demand alerts. Adopting this solution saves money, reduces waste, and creates a more sustainable future for your organization.

Restroom Monitoring Dashboard

Why Choose Our Restroom Monitoring Solution?

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Get started quickly with a simple out-of-the-box setup. Installation hardware is included, and sensors automatically connect to the platform.
Demand Based

Demand Based

Focus on traffic, not time - creating efficiencies in the cleaning process. Set traffic thresholds and see when the area needs to be cleaned.
Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Instant alerts give your team the information they need when they need it. Notifications can be sent in multiple ways.
Instant ROI

Immediate ROI

Start optimizing resources and saving money in record time. The solution pays for itself through reduced materials and labor in months, not years.
Bathroom Monitoring Solution

How it Works

The product is delivered through a set of technologies that seamlessly work together. 

Solution Technologies

  • Plug-and-Play Artfully Designed Bi-Directional Sensors
  • LoRaWAN Alliance Certified and CE-Marked Sensors
  • Data is Encrypted Throughout Solution
  • Insights and Reporting Using Losant’s IoT Platform
  • Industry-Leading Occupancy Accuracy
  • Anonymous Detection for Individual’s Privacy

"We saw an immediate impact as soon as we installed the Losant bathroom solution. It was effortless to get up and running, and the data was beneficial and different from what we expected. The data leads to less cleaning, an immediate ROI, and increased positivity in our facility reviews online—a no-brainer solution for our team.

Brian Cobb / Chief Innovation Officer

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